Green IT Roundup September 21st - 28th 2012

This week's Green IT roundup covers Google buying wind power for its new data center, a response to the New York Times data center series and some common myths about end of life IT decisions.

The six myths of IT end-of-life decisions 

‘don’t worry about it now’ and similar mistakes when planning your end of life IT strategy.

IT Roundup September 13 - 19

This week's IT Roundup highlights Google Chrome's new do-not-track setting, Intel's futuristic approach for doing away with passwords, desktop operating systems install base, and virus-infected PCs on the factory floor.

Green IT Roundup September 7th - 14th

This week's Green IT roundup includes tips from 3M on how your company can reduce its energy usage, new photos from Apple's new solar farm in North Carolina, and news that green jobs are growing the quickest in "red" states.

3M & Others share secrets for energy savings

3M shared some of their secrets that other businesses can use to reduce the amount of energy they are consuming at a recent energy efficiency summit. 

IT Roundup September 5-12, 2012

This week's IT roundup dives into the incredible growth of mobile operating systems, the growing demand for mobile applications and the launch of Windows Server 2012.

Android, iOS growing 10 times faster than PCs did in the 1980s

Worldwide adoption of smartphones in China and emerging markets is driving the growth.

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