Welcome to New Boundary Technologies’ Blog!

We at New Boundary Technologies are blogging, tweeting and connecting for several reasons. We want to share what excites us, celebrate clients’ and partners’ successes, chat about industry news and learn what excites you. But the #1 reason why we are starting our online communities is – for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us.  The real “Us.”

That’s why we are launching our online communities.

Like all organizations, New Boundary Technologies is comprised of many different personalities – with varying interest.  To allow everyone to have a voice, we have created several online communities for us to share and get to know you. 


Gain our perspective on “hot” topics that will affect your organization. Discover novel approaches to everyday problems and invigorate your creative energy. 


@NewBoundaryTech:  For the Technology Guru in all of us – discuss the latest “hot” gadget, industry news, or find a gadget that is at the top of our “Must-Buy List”.

@PrismSuite: For all things IT – discuss the latest challenges and tips to increase your efficiency.

@PwrSmart:  For the Ultimate Saver – discuss tips to cut energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint and save money.

@VistaSuite:  For all things M2M – discuss latest innovations for tracking and monitoring anything and everything.


Facebook: Learn what it’s like to be part of New Boundary Technologies.  Access our latest videos, view photos of corporate events and share what with us what excites us. 

LinkedIn: Connect with New Boundary Technologies professionals, partners and clients to discuss and share information that impact you and your organization.

We are excited for you to be part of our online communities.  We are looking forward to getting to know you and showing you the real “Us.”



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