Green IT Roundup: December 5 - 9, 2011

This week’s Green IT Roundup highlights: IT workers need to develop Green IT job skills, 5 Things your organization needs to include in their Sustainability budget, and Telehouse, a data center company, utilizing 100% renewable energy to power their London location.

Telehouse London Switches to 100% Renewable Energy
Data Center company, Telehouse, announced that its London site is no purchasing 100% renewable energy from SmartestEnergy.  Telehouse’s London site houses IT infrastructure for 500 major international organizations.

Sustainable IT: How Green Tech Solutions Reduce the SMB Footprint
With estimated utility costs for U.S. computer servers exceeding $7.4 billion, “Being Green” is becoming an essential skill for IT professionals, today. 

Sustainability: 5 Things to Include in Your 2012 Budget
Trying to finalize your organization’s 2012 Sustainability budget?  Not sure you have included all items that will enable your organization to be successful?  Douglas Hileman’s blog notes the Top 5 Things you need to include in your 2012 Sustainability budget.

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