Top 4 Objections to PC power management that cost organizations money and energy

Tired of hearing objections to implementing a PC power management solution?  We have put together some of the most popular objections we hear and the answers you need to debunk the myths. 

Top 4 Objections to PC power management that cost organizations money and energy

Objection #1
Machines have to be left on 24x7 because important IT tasks, such as patching and maintenance, have to be done during off hours.

Not anymore:
PwrSmart includes the ability to schedule a Stay Awake event as part of a power scheme.  PwrSmart will wake the PC (if needed) and keep it awake for the allotted maintenance period.

Objection #2
Users may need to remotely connect to their PCs after hours, so PCs have to be left on 24x7.

Remote Wake™ changes all that: Give those users a login to PwrSmart’s Remote Wake, enabling them to wake their computers on demand. In fact, IT admins can wake any or all of their managed computers remotely at any time — freeing them up from having to come into the office on weekends or holidays.

Objection #3
Any solution, even a simple one, involves extensive human capital to implement.

Not necessarily:  Because PwrSmart is provided as a service, it is a fast and easy way to start saving energy – and money.  No installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure is required. It’s really that simple. 

Objection #4
IT department’s budgets are already strapped for cash and refuse to spend their dollars on a “nice to have”solution.

We understand:  That’s why PwrSmart is free for 30-days — enabling you to experience the savings without spending a dime.  In addition, PwrSmart is backed by our Savings Guarantee.  If you don’t experience a savings of two-times the monthly fee, its free.  PwrSmart is a risk-free solution — making implementation of PwrSmart a no-brainer.

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