Green IT Roundup: December 26 - 30, 2011

This week’s Green IT Roundup includes:  12 tech leaders’ resolutions for 2012, Office Depot’s approach to corporate sustainability, The top corporate sustainability trends to watch in 2012, and 10 predictions for the Cleantech and Sustainability in 2012.

12 Tech Leaders’ Resolutions for 2012
Making your New Year’s resolutions?  You are not alone.  Gigaom asked 12 tech leaders to discuss their resolutions for 2012.

Office Depot’s Three-Pronged Strategy for Corporate Sustainability
Focusing on the business benefits of sustainability, Yalmaz Siddiqui, senior director of environmental strategy at Office Depot, has broken the company’s environmental strategy into three strategies: Be Greener, Buy Greener and Sell Greener.

Top Corporate Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2012
Previously, corporate sustainability initiatives were driven by public relations, but now the pressures are coming from other stakeholders, such as investors and employees.  Many of the stakeholders recognize that sustainability is important to companies’ economic viability.  This article highlights the major drivers that will shift corporations’ view of sustainability in 2012.

10 Predictions for Cleantech and Sustainability in 2012
Cleantech and sustainability industries have had their successes and failures in 2011.  As 2011 draws to a close, we look toward predicting the trends of the cleantech and sustainability industries in 2012.

The Latest from New Boundary Technologies

7 Reasons Why PC Power Management Lets You Sleep Like a Baby
Think implementing an energy management solution will keep you up at night?  As you may know, implementing an energy management software enables your organization to save money and reduce its energy cost, but are you still nervous about the impact on your end-users and network.  Don’t worry, we have addressed those concerns — enabling you to save your organization money, while keeping your network secure and allowing you to get a Great night’s sleep. Here are 7 Reasons why implementing Energy Management Software is easier than you think.

Top 4 Objections to PC power management that cost organizations money and energy
Tired of hearing objections to implementing a PC power management solution?  We have put together some of the most popular objections we hear and the answers you need to debunk the myths.

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