Green IT Roundup: May 6-11, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup features: New Boundary Technologies® offers the industry’s 1st pc power management savings guarantee, Report shows the U.S lags Europeans on sustainability, UN Global Compact calls for companies to make sustainable commitments, and Volkswagen commits $52 billion to going green.

New Boundary Technologies Announces Industry’s 1st Savings Guarantee
New Boundary Technologies announces the industry’s 1st and only PC power management Savings Guarantee. The company backs the incredible energy savings capabilities of PwrSmart® Service with a Savings Guarantee that promises to reduce energy spend by more than twice the monthly service fee in the first month of use or it’s free.

Another Report Shows US Firms Lag Europeans on Sustainability
A new report issued by Ceres and Sustainanlytics concludes that sustainability efforts in the U.K and across Europe are generally more advance than those in the U.S or Asia.  While there are “pockets of leadership and innovation” in sustainability efforts by the 600 largest U.S. corporations, there remains a strong case for more comprehensive business action on sustainability.

UN Global Compact Calls for Companies to Make Sustainable Commitments
The UN Global Compact and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) call companies to commit to sustainable actions and partnerships.  Since announcing the call for commitments, over 6,000 companies have committed to sustainability. The commitments must fall within the six core themes of the Forum: energy and climate, water and ecosystems, agriculture and food, social development, urbanization and cities, and economics and finance of sustainable development

Volkswagen’s Green Commitment: $52 Billion
As a way to bolster its green reputation, Volkswagen aims to drop the average emission from its new vehicles to 120 grams CO2/km by 2015. Volkswagen said that under the new plan it wants every new model generation to be on average 10 to 15 percent more efficient than its predecessor, while emissions will also be cut from both production processes and manufacturing plants.

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