Green IT Roundup: July 8-13, 2012

This week’s Green IT Roundup highlights:  Large US firms spending $2.5 billion annually on technology consulting and system integration relating to their energy and sustainability initiatives by 2015, Achieving energy efficiency without trying, U.S. Energy Department invests $7 million in three energy-efficient light projects as part of its efforts to reduce energy costs, and How schools can use less energy & spend less money, without the sacrifice.

Verdantix: $2.5bn a Year on Energy and Sustainability Technology Services by 2015
According to a report from Verdantix, large US firms spend $2.5 billion annually on technology consulting and systems integration relating to their energy and sustainability initiatives by 2015. The total US market size for all energy, environment and sustainability spending will reach $39.8 billion in 2012, making technology services four percent of the total market.

Energy Efficiency Without Trying (and with)
Sometimes we save energy inadvertently, and sometimes by design. Whichever, it is clear that our digital economy, combined with our increasing understanding of the programs and behaviors that lead to energy savings, create a clear path for growth in energy efficiency.

Energy Department Invests $7 Million in Energy-Efficient Lighting Projects
The U.S. Energy Department announced that it would be investing $7 million in three energy-efficient lighting projects as part of its effort to reduce energy costs for American consumers. These investments in energy-efficient lighting projects demonstrate the Energy Department’s commitment to accelerating U.S. manufacturing of new technologies.

How Schools Can Use Less Energy & Spend Less Money, Without the Sacrifice
Making schools energy efficient need not be an exercise in sacrifice. Schools can get the same or better services, as well as increase the health and comfort of students and staff, all while using less energy.

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