IT Roundup November 14th - November 21st

This week's IT Roundup includes a controversy on the usability of Windows 8, AWS running Windows 2012 Server, some innovative ideas for your business and guidelines for a successful Windows 8 migration.

Windows 8 UI 'strategic mistake,' argues design guru

A controversy has arisen from a blog post by usability expert Jacob Nielsen. In his post Nielsen states that Windows 8 has "amazingly low usability" and cites several reasons of why he believes so.  Others have weighed in since the original post and now experts are arguing both for and against the usability of Windows 8.

Windows Server 2012 now runs in Amazon's cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will now allow enterprises to run Windows Server 2012 which is already available on the cloud platforms of Rackspace and Microsoft.  Amazon has created a video showing how to configure Windows Server 2012 on AWS which can be seen here

5 Innovative Ideas For Enterprise CIOs

Based on a recent conference panel of CIOs here are 5 innovative ideas for enterprise CIOs.

Four guidelines for a successful Windows 8 migration

If you have decided to roll out Windows 8 into your workplace here are four guidelines to make the migration a success. 

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