IT Roundup November 29th - December 5th

This week's IT roundup includes Microsoft stopping all support of the still popular XP operating system, five steps to transform IT and the new threat of attacks on Android's devices.

Experts question Microsoft's decision to retire XP

Microsoft is drawing a line in the sand for Windows XP support in April 2014, at which time they will stop offering support for XP but experts suggest Microsoft will have to continue to support the OS.

Corporate Operating System Version Market Share

Speaking of XP here is a report of the current market share for the various operating systems.  The report shows that XP still has 35% of the market.

Five Steps to Build CIO Relevancy

Based on interviews with 10 CIO and one CTO the Wall Street Journal has developed a five-step IT transformation road map.

The Changing Face of Security

A recent report from Sohphos shows that a higher percentage of Android devices are being targeted than Windows devices. 

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