IT Roundup 1/18/2013

The 2013 Technology of the Year Award Winners

See the best hardware, software and services of the year as voted on by InfoWorld. The trends this year revolve around making life easier with cloud computing, big data and beautiful design.

Microsoft Surface Pro Expected Soon

According to sources and tweets from within Microsoft the Microsoft Surface Pro is expected to launch within weeks.  This makes sense based off of Microsoft's initial statement that the Surface Pro would be available within 90 days after the release of Surface RT.  The Surface Pro will use Intel chips which will allow legacy Windows software to be installed.  

Oracle Releases Emergency Patch for Java

Oracle has released an emergency Java patch after the Department of Homeland Security advised users to disable Java.  While the patch does address some of the most pressing security flaws security experts say that it may take up to two years for Oracle to fix all of the vulnerabilities in Java.

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