The New M2M Platform

M2M solutions can be used in an almost limitless variety of devices, equipment, and industries. According to Connected World Magazine, the way many M2M solutions are developed today are still on customized, proprietary projects. This makes development pricy and go-to-market timelines longer.

What is M2M?

If you’ve been listening to the latest technology buzz, you have probably heard of the term M2M. For those unaware of M2M, it might sound like the newest mobile phone feature, or it even bring up some memories of a pop music group from the early 2000s.

The problem is most M2M end consumers have never heard of it, nor do they really care. The good news is that they don’t need to be aware of it to experience the functionality and benefits of M2M.

So…What Is It?


Tapping into the Smart Meter Industry

With last week’s global initiative to highlight the importance of water conservation (World Water Day 2011), we’re excited to be out in the forefront of the new market of building “Smart Meter” water consumption monitoring technology. This industry is expected to grow tremendously in just the next 5 years as the water scarcity concern in the US continues to rise.

New Boundary Presents on M2M Solutions at Digi WaveForum 2010

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