New Boundary Technologies has been pioneering innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications for more than 30 years.  We provide IoT applications to monitor and control sensors and field equipment in Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Water & Energy, and Industrial Automation.

Launched in 2001, our RemoteAware Internet of Things Application Platform provides private-label branded applications for Fortune 500 companies, solution providers and system integrators.  RemoteAware applications are provided as a hosted service so solution providers and customers do not need IT resources. A rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities deliver applications quickly with little or no software development required.

Hardware independent and field-proven, the RemoteAware IoT platform is robust, scalable and secure.  A "Single Pane of Glass" web application provides users visibility to all their assets from their PC, phone or tablet.  Text, e-mail and voice alerts are automatically generated based on user-defined thresholds.  The RemoteAware platform easily integrates with 3rd party applications and customer back-office systems.



Anywhere, Any Time Monitoring

Monitor your remote assets from anywhere in the world, any time day or night. Our user-friendly web-based interface provides you with all the information you need to easily manage and control your operations from any device with an Internet connection - smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Receive real-time updates on asset location, inventory levels, utilization levels, predictive states, power/failure status, or environmental conditions on your mobile device.

Automatic Instant Alerts

Immediately receive email or text alerts when critical events happen. Or easily create your own user-defined thresholds so you'll always know when a specific condition requires attention. Stay informed when your inventory levels drop, equipment exceptions occur, temperature conditions develop, assets require service, or whenever any other out-of-bounds condition develops.

Streamlined Efficiency

Our browser-based software saves you time and money by increasing your efficiency.  Manage your operation over-the-air and eliminate the need for costly site visits to check asset conditions or resolve issues. Streamline the logistics of collecting and communicating critical information, eliminate overflow and run-outs, cut operating costs and make better informed decisions. Accurate, reliable information at your fingertips saves expense and improves performance.

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